Paying Taxes Is More Popular Than You Think (Episode 41)

Paying Taxes Is More Popular Than You Think (Episode 41)

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Taxes, like death, are inevitable. However, that conception of taxes doesn’t reflect how the majority of Americans view their relationship to their local, state, and federal government taxes. Vanessa Williamson, a scholar at the Brookings Institution sits down with Building Local Power host and Community Broadband Networks initiative director Christopher Mitchell to talk about her new book, Read My Lips: Why Americans Are Proud to Pay Taxes.

Williamson argues during the heart of this podcast; “I think that it is good for Americans to think about taxes as the part of their labor that they contribute to the public good. I think that is a powerful way thinking, you have to remember everyone else is chipping in too.”

 The pair delve into some of the most contentious issues around taxes, including: how, oftentimes, we are only hearing from the most extreme voices on taxes; how a majority of American view tax paying as a responsibility for being an American citizen; and how the relationship between taxpaying status and perceived ‘worth’ in American society operates.
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“[T]he problems that we face as a country come from a shortage of democracy, a shortage of deliberative deep democracy as opposed to a problem of people participating too much,” says Vanessa Williamson, scholar at the Brookings Institution of the issues we’re tackling as a country.

“To the extent that we are experimenting with new ways to engage people in the politics genuinely does shape their lives, I think it’s worth trying.”

View a full transcript of the conversation here.


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