Energy Monopolies: The Dark Side of the Electricity Business (Episode 74)

Date: 13 Jun 2019 | posted in: Building Local Power, Energy, Podcast | 0 Facebooktwitterredditmail

Host John Farrell is joined by David Pomerantz, Executive Director of the Energy and Policy Institute. John and David discuss how electric utility companies have become so powerful and how they use this power to protect their profits rather than the interests of their customers.… Read More

Using Disaster to Build a New, (d)emocratic Energy Paradigm — Episode 78 of Local Energy Rules Podcast

Date: 6 Jun 2019 | posted in: Energy, Energy Self Reliant States | 0 Facebooktwitterredditmail

In this May 2019 interview, ILSR’s Director of Energy Democracy John Farrell, and Ingrid Vila – an engineer and director of Cambio, a Puerto Rico based nonprofit – discussed the enormous opportunity, and the pitfalls the island must avoid, to seize the island’s chance for energy democracy.… Read More

Presentations from the 6th National Cultivating Community Composting Forum

Date: 5 Jun 2019 | posted in: Composting | 0 Facebooktwitterredditmail

In May 2019, ILSR convened the 6th National Cultivating Community Composting (CCC) Forum in New York City. Presentations from the two days of panels are below. Panels 1 through 3 took place Monday, May 12. Panels 4 and 5 were Tuesday, May 13. Also included below is the St. John’s University presentation on its food waste collection and composting program, which was part of the tour day, Sunday, May 11.… Read More

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