Welcome to the Composting for Community podcast!

The origin of this podcast is a special promotional mini-series for the upcoming 5th National Cultivating Community Composting (CCC) Forum and Workshop in Atlanta. In each episode of this mini-series, you will meet a new, inspiring community composter that attended the 2017 CCC events. 

CCC 2018 is a collaboration between ILSR, the US Composting Council (USCC) and BioCycle and will take place as part of the USCC’s International Conference and Trade Show, COMPOST2018These events bring together community composters from around the country to network and learn how to grow their enterprises. Last year’s CCC Workshop brought together 60+ community composters from 17 states for one of the largest gathering of local-scale composters in history. Learn more about these one-of-a-kind events, here.

Community Composter Scholarship Fund!

We’ve launched a crowdfunding campaign to help enable more community composters to attend the these events! Contributions will go into our 2018 CCC scholarship fund to help us bring dozens of community composters to the event who normally could not attend due to the expense of travel – especially composters from underserved areas. With your help we can cover their travel, registration, and workshop costs! Please consider donating today!

Podcast Episodes

Meet some of CCC 2017’s inspiring attendees by listening to the podcasts below.

Episode No.



Date Published:

1 Corinne Coe-Law Self-Reliance and Transformation Through Community Composting November 29th, 2017
2 Kat Nigro Pedal-Powered Composters Support The Local Food Movement December 1st, 2017
3 Tiffany Bess Composter Catalyzes a Movement in Her Community December 8th, 2017
4 Sophia Hosain and Guy Schaffer Creating Community Wealth Through Compost December 22nd, 2017

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