Brendan Greeley on Why We Need a Pro-Competition Political Party (Episode 40)

Brendan Greeley on Why We Need a Pro-Competition Political Party (Episode 40)

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Brendan Greeley

Economics writer Brendan Greeley has a thought about the role ‘economics’ play in our politics: “economists think that they’re physicists, but they’re actually just sociologists watching things and observing them“.

To suss this out, Building Local Power hosts Christopher Mitchell and Stacy Mitchell sat down with Greeley. He is a writing alum of Bloomberg and The Economist and currently writes his daily economics newsletter, All We Know So Far (subscribe at the link).

“I think the thing we’ve lost sight of in America is that we don’t understand that healthy competition creates all the things we love about capitalism. The irony of that is businesses don’t like competition. They hate it. It drives them crazy. They can’t do what they want. And so the most successful businesses will do everything they can to avoid healthy competition,” says Brendan Greeley of the issue he is trying to solve in his All We Know So Far work.

View a full transcript of the conversation here.

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