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Making the financial system work for us

Shifting the market toward sustainable biomaterials

Building publicly accountable broadband networks

Democratizing the Electricity System

Independent Business
Building a Community-Scaled Economy

Defending the Public Good
ILSR’s response to the imbalance between those who favor protecting public assets and those who do not.

Waste to Wealth
Transforming waste into a resource

Building healthy soils and local economies

Salvaging yesterday’s buildings for tomorrow’s communities

Fork It Over
Feeding people, not landfills

Mid-Atlantic Recycling & Economic Development
Enhancing recycling opportunities in the Mid-Atlantic

Stop Incineration
Ending our dependence on dirty disposal technology

Sustainable Plastics
Shaping the nascent bioplastics field

Young Activist Club
Empowering the next generation of environmentalists

Zero Waste & Economic Development
Creating a vibrant waste-less economy

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