In MinnPost: Xcel Energy’s Resource Plan Doesn’t Make the Grade

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In the News: John Farrell

August 12, 2020

Media Outlet: MinnPost

In MinnPost, ILSR Co-Director John Farrell and Patty O’Keefe, organizing representative at the Sierra Club North Star Chapter, published an op-ed regarding Xcel Energy’s 15-year resource plan. They explain where Xcel’s plan falls short and outline what an “A” grade plan would look like, highlighting the importance of community solar in reducing energy costs for consumers and helping to address racial and economic disparities in Minnesota.

An ‘A’ plan would also make it easy for all of us to access clean energy in our homes and businesses. It would remake incentives to make energy-efficient appliances the cheapest ones to buy. It would pay for customers to insulate or weatherize their home (and let them pay it back on their bill) because we all save money when we cut energy use. It would prioritize actions that save energy for those who can afford it least.

Read the article here.

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