nick-headshotNick is the Institute for Local Self-Reliance’s Communications Manager. He runs ILSR’s social media networks on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.  Nick works closely with all of our initiatives and passionately engages with the complex issues of today.

Nick graduated in 2015 from St. Olaf College with bachelor’s degrees in History, Political Science, and Middle Eastern Studies. He has been with the institute since June of 2015 and is excited to continue to promote ILSR as one of the best policy organizations for building local economies and breaking the chains of monopoly.

Nick is also a producer of the Institute’s Building Local Power podcast and is the in-house designer for many of ILSR’s graphics. He coordinates the postings on this website as well as any webinars with partners and allies.

Here is a sample of Nick’s various work at ILSR:

You can see his full archive here.

He also develops releases and markets the various resources from the Institute for Local Self-Reliance, such as:

  • Reports
  • Podcasts
  • Articles
  • Press Releases
  • Original Research

If you are interested in receiving personalized publication materials or have questions about our work, email Nick at You can also follow him on Twitter @NStumoLanger.