Linda is the Project Manager for ILSR’s Composting for Community project and Neighborhood Soil Rebuilders community composter training program. Her role is dedicated to fostering a skilled, collaborative network of composters who are regenerating their communities, both socially and ecologically. By keeping food scraps and other organics from landfills, and instead turning them into a valuable soil amendment, composting at the community level empowers individuals to reduce their waste, improve their soil and feed their families.

Linda’s passion for sustainability started in her days as a girl scout and summers at Latvian camp in the forests of Southern Michigan – where she also met her husband, Eriks. From the prairies of Illinois to the mountains of Colorado and now the urban jungle of DC, Linda has had a lifelong fascination with the relationship between people and their environment. A keen desire to see how other cultures experience this dynamic called Linda and Eriks to backpack the globe to work on sustainable agriculture and renewable energy projects in Europe, the Middle East, East Africa, and South-East Asia. Upon stateside return, Linda was ready to the put the dualities of thinking globally while acting locally, and self-reliance in the age of globalization to work.

Linda received a Bachelors of Science in Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. She has worked in the Energy Efficiency industry and in the fields of International Development and Sustainable Agriculture.

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