ILSR’s 2020 Annual Report

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Image: Donate ButtonOur mission remains steadfast and relevant. Your contribution at will help us unleash the power that communities have to build a more democratic, equitable, and sustainable future.

Despite the challenging state of affairs in 2020, it’s been a productive year for ILSR and for our work fighting corporate control and building local power across the economy. Our 2020 Annual Report outlines some of the progress we’ve made this year.

The year 2020, to put it mildly, has been difficult and unexpected on so many levels. We could never have predicted that our longtime home in Minneapolis would become the epicenter of a global reckoning about systemic racism in the wake of the murder of George Floyd. We also couldn’t have imagined that we’d be on the front lines helping cities and states respond to a global pandemic and a catastrophic failure of federal leadership. The events of this year have laid bare the profound inequities in our country and the need for deep structural change. 

We’re inspired by the many communities that are rethinking long-held policies that favor big corporations at the expense of small and local businesses. Our efforts in building local power and forging community-driven solutions continues to be an important pathway towards environmental sustainability and racial and economic justice. 

Our resolve to decentralize economic power and reinvigorate democracy and local power is stronger than ever, but we need your help.  Please consider making a tax-deductible gift today to sustain our work and support the movement for healthy, equitable, and self-reliant communities. We look forward to the coming year as we grow our staff and deepen our impact.

Contribute by mail, send checks to:
Institute for Local Self-Reliance,
2720 E. 22nd Street,
Minneapolis, MN 55406

Thank you from all of us at ILSR. Your support makes a difference. 

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