Yes! In My Backyard Report: Appendix E – Videos, Program Websites, and Miscellaneous

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ILSR’s report, Yes! In My Backyard: A Home Composting Guide for Local Government, profiles 11 home composting programs (10 in the United States, 1 in Canada) and is a guide for local governments starting their own programs.

Appendix E features additional materials and resources from the communities profiled.


Austin Home Composting Online Class

LA County Smart Gardening Instructional Videos

Orlando Composter Giveaway

Orlando “Get Dirty” Campaign Video 1

Orlando “Get Dirty” Campaign Video 2

Orlando Series of Educational Videos: 1. Prep2. Maintain, and 3. Harvest

Program Websites

Austin, Texas

     Program Rebate Info

Cheverly, Md.

     Backyard Composting Project

Los Angeles County

     Backyard Composting Info
     Program and Bin Discount Info
     Worm Composting Info

Miami-Dade County, Fla.

     Home Composting Info

Napa, Calif.

     Bin and Workshop Info

New York City

     Bin Info
     Community Composting Resources

Oregon Metro

     Composting Info


     Home Composting Info

Additional Materials

Miami-Dade County: Using the Home Compost Program Data Sheet – A guide to collecting and reporting composting rate data that was sent out with program compost bins during the pilot.

Napa County Bin Sales 1997-2015

Oregon Metro RFP 2015 – A request for proposals for a compost bin issued by the Oregon Metro program.

Other Appendices

Appendix A – Sample Outreach Materials

Appendix B – Sample Educational Materials

Appendix C – Reports on Local Programs

Appendix D – Sample Ordinances

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