Yes! In My Backyard Report: Appendix E – Videos, Program Websites, and Miscellaneous

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ILSR’s report, Yes! In My Backyard: A Home Composting Guide for Local Government, profiles 11 home composting programs (10 in the United States, 1 in Canada) and is a guide for local governments starting their own programs.

Appendix E features additional materials and resources from the communities profiled.


Austin Home Composting Online Class

LA County Smart Gardening Instructional Videos

Orlando Composter Giveaway

Orlando “Get Dirty” Campaign Video 1

Orlando “Get Dirty” Campaign Video 2

Orlando Series of Educational Videos: 1. Prep2. Maintain, and 3. Harvest

Program Websites

Austin, Texas

     Composting Educational Materials
     Program Rebate Info

Cheverly, Md.

     Backyard Composting Project

Los Angeles County

     Backyard Composting Info
     Program and Bin Discount Info
     Worm Composting Info

Miami-Dade County, Fla.

     Home Composting Info

Napa, Calif.

     Bin and Workshop Info

New York City

     Bin Info
     Community Composting Resources

Oregon Metro

     Composting Info


     Home Composting Info

Additional Materials

Miami-Dade County: Using the Home Compost Program Data Sheet – A guide to collecting and reporting composting rate data that was sent out with program compost bins during the pilot.

Napa County Bin Sales 1997-2015

Oregon Metro RFP 2015 – A request for proposals for a compost bin issued by the Oregon Metro program.

Other Appendices

Appendix A – Sample Outreach Materials

Appendix B – Sample Educational Materials

Appendix C – Reports on Local Programs

Appendix D – Sample Ordinances

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