Yes! In My Backyard Report: Appendix C – Reports on Local Programs

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ILSR’s report, Yes! In My Backyard: A Home Composting Guide for Local Government, profiles 11 home composting programs (10 in the United States, 1 in Canada) and is a guide for local governments starting their own programs.

Appendix C features program reports from several communities, including some of those profiled.

Austin Composting Rebate Program Analysis 2014

Austin Composting Rebate Program Analysis 2015

Austin Home Composting Rebate Program Memo FY 2013

La Grande Home Composting Report

Oregon Metro 2001 Home Composting Survey Report

Oregon Metro 2004 Home Composting Survey Report

Seattle Home Organics Waste Management Surveys Archive

Seattle Measuring Backyard Composting

Winnipeg Analysis of Supported Composter Distribution Programs

Other Appendices

Appendix A – Sample Outreach Materials

Appendix B – Sample Educational Materials

Appendix D – Sample Ordinances

Appendix E – Videos, Program Websites, and Miscellaneous