Yes! In My Backyard Report: Appendix B – Sample Print Educational Materials

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ILSR’s report, Yes! In My Backyard: A Home Composting Guide for Local Government, profiles 11 home composting programs (10 in the United States, 1 in Canada) and is a guide for local governments starting their own programs.

Appendix B features sample print educational materials from the communities profiled.

Los Angeles Backyard Composting Information Sheet

Los Angeles Worm Composting Information Sheet

Miami-Dade County Composting Brochure

Napa County Workshop Guide 2014

Orlando Backyard Composting Guide

Orlando Backyard Composting One Pager

San Diego County Composting Guide – This guide is sent out to communities in San Diego County outside of the City of San Diego.

San Diego Guide to Backyard Composting 2007 – Previously came in the mail with compost bin vouchers, but now is sent via email with bin vouchers to save on printing costs.  

Seattle Composting Questions and Answers

Seattle Composting Resource Guide – Bin suppliers, where to buy compost, tools, and more in Seattle.

Seattle Ecologically Sound Lawn Care for Pacific NW – Tells professionals (and interested residents) how to amend soil for lawns (page 28), and how to improve existing lawns by topdressing with compost (page 35).

Seattle Get to Know Your Soil

Seattle Growing Healthy Soil – Has more information on using compost and mulches for a healthy, easy-care yard.

Seattle Home Composting Guide

Seattle Smart Watering – Tells how compost can help conserve water.

Vancouver Backyard Composting Guide

Vancouver Worm Composting Guide

Other Appendices

Appendix A – Sample Outreach Materials

Appendix C – Reports on Local Programs

Appendix D – Sample Ordinances

Appendix E – Videos, Program Websites, and Miscellaneous

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