Zero Waste Planning Services

ILSR provides the following assistance to cities, counties and community organizations seeking to implement zero waste and economic development policies, plans and enterprises:

  • Audit and assessment of current solid waste management systems
  • Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) comparing current waste management system with a resource management system
  • Specific recommendations for transitioning to a zero waste/resource management system; including filling voids of current system, incentives to households, procurement guidelines for local government, public awareness and in school programs to reduce costs and certify resource managers for jobs and careers, industrial park development and business attraction (small scale and large scale)
  • Potential energy, pollution and monetary savings from a zero waste/resource management system based on existing best practices
  • Potential job, small business creation and implications for local tax base
  • Graphic displays of cost savings, environmental, health and economic benefits of recycling, reuse, composting and source reduction
  • Ongoing assistance and trouble shooting to help implement and monitor zero waste initiatives

In addition to working on the first zero waste plan in the nation (Del Norte County, CA) ILSR provides services to small and large municipalities around the nation, including Austin, Texas; Atlanta; Chattanooga, Tennessee.  Contact Neil Seldman at or (202) 898-1610 x210 for more information.