Top 10 Reasons to Support Community Power

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Building local equity is the key to campaigns for 100% renewable energy, giving everyone a chance to own a piece of their energy future.

What does control of our electric grid look like? Check out these images to help illustrate the importance of clean, local energy.

Click through to discover the top 10 reasons to support Community Solar:

10. Savings

Every 1-kilowatt share of a community solar project can cut your electricity bill by 13%.

9. Clean Energy

With a 25-year warranty, solar means you get free, clean energy from the sun for decades.

8. Access to All

Over half of U.S. households don’t have a sunny rooftop, but everyone can be part of community solar.

7. Ownership

Community solar means owning a share of your energy future, and it might come from a library or school rooftop near you!

6. Local Dollars

Spending a dollar on community solar electricity means you don’t pay for mines or fracking or pollution.

5. Jobs

Every megawatt of solar creates up to 20 jobs in the local economy.

4. Control

Your electric utility can’t raise rates on energy that you own.

3. Competition

Most utilities are monopolies, but community solar gives you a choice.

2. Equity

Community solar means you can own solar without being rich or having a good credit score.

1. Community Power

Owning a share of community solar is the first step toward taking charge of your – and your community’s – energy future.

Give your support today to celebrate 10 reasons for community solar and ILSR’s work to expand community power!

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