8 Vivid Charts – 8 Reasons for a Solar Energy Standard in Minnesota

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A conference committee is resolving differences between House and (much weaker) Senate versions of a solar energy standard in Minnesota today.  Here’s 8 graphic reasons why the state should go for solar as aggressively as it can. 8 Vivid Charts … Read More

Watch: 5 Barriers To and Solutions for Community Renewable Energy

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Community renewable energy has significant political and economic benefits, but is often hindered by five major barriers. Watch this vividly illustrated presentation to learn how communities can overcome the barriers and advance more local renewable energy. ILSR Senior Researcher John … Read More

Is Your Utility Ready? New Report Says Local Solar Could Power 10% of Country in 10 Years

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Minneapolis, MN —Within a decade, more than 35 million buildings may be generating their own solar electricity (without subsidies) at prices lower than their utility offers, sufficient to power almost 10% of the country.

That’s the powerful headline from the Institute for Local Self-Reliance’s latest report, Commercial Rooftop Revolution. Despite the opportunity, utilities, regulators, and policy markers are largely unprepared for the surge of local solar power.

Read the report, view the interactive map, and more

Read More

U.S. CLEAN Explanation and Update

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This short presentation distills the definition and status of U.S. CLEAN (“feed-in tariff”) programs given in our full report.  Click below to watch the slideshow. U.S. CLEAN Programs – 1.21 Gigawatts! from John Farrell You can also read the full … Read More

New Report: Rooftop Revolution Changes Everything with Cost-Effective Local Solar

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Within ten years, 100 million Americans in the nation’s largest cities will be able to get cheaper electricity from rooftop solar than their utility provides. That’s just the opening salvo from a new report from the Institute for Local Self-Reliance. “Rooftop Revolution: Changing Everything with Cost-Effective Solar,” not only illustrates the enormous, emerging potential for local solar power, but also describes how the rules of the electricity system must change now for the electricity system to be ready for the decade’s energy democracy opportunity.… Read More

The Economics of Distributed Generation

Date: 30 Jun 2011 | posted in: Energy, Energy Self Reliant States | 0 Facebooktwitterredditmail

A serialized version of our new report, Democratizing the Electricity System, Part 2 of 5.  Click here for Part 1 or here to download the report. The falling cost of distributed renewable generation has been one of the key drivers … Read More

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