Voices of 100%: Boulder Takes Bold Steps to Support Local Renewable Energy — Episode 71 of Local Energy Rules Podcast

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Over 100 U.S. cities have now set goals to transition to 100 percent renewable energy. In a new episode of our Voices of 100% series from Local Energy Rules, we feature the city of Boulder, Colo., and the strategies it is using to make its ambitious local, clean energy goal a reality.… Read More

Colorado State Senator Steve Fenberg on Local Power Versus Corporate Power (Episode 39)

Steve Fenberg (D-Boulder) talks with John Farrell about his history as a renewable energy activist and local control advocate and how he translates that work into his role in the state legislature.… Read More

Working Partner Update: Eco-Cycle; Boulder, Colo.

ILSR and Eco-Cycle have been working partners since the mid 1970s when both organizations were founded. During the beginning years of the post World War II resurgence in recycling in the late 1960s – early 1970s, community drop-off centers grew into community based curbside collection enterprises; often started in activists’ back yards and porches, gas stations, … Read More

Boulder Voters Say (Again): “We’ll Lead Movement to Energy Democracy”

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It was a squeaker. With 85% of votes cast, the outlook for Boulder’s quest to control its energy future seemed dimmer than it had since 2011. The nays were up by 100 votes, in favor of ending funding for the city’s effort to take over its electric utility and bolster locally-produced renewable energy. A late night … Read More

Boulder County Incentive Program Drives Adoption of Two ‘Sexy Electrics’: Solar and Electric Cars — Episode 47 of Local Energy Rules Podcast

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The Boulder County program’s financial benefits for the community far outpaced its costs, Brad Smith, the county’s Sustainability Outreach and Education Specialist, recently told ILSR’s John Farrell. The county spent just $650 on marketing and outreach, a minuscule price for the gains it has seen.… Read More

Voters Quiet the Drums At the Polls in Colorado

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The “constant drumbeat” of complaints about poor connectivity pounding from Colorado communities ended with a climactic crash at the polls on Tuesday. Referenda in 43 communities – 26 cities and towns; 17 counties – all passed overwhelmingly to reclaim local telecommunications authority. Staggering Approval The landslide victory was no surprise. Last year, nine communities asked voters … Read More

Boulder Uses New Found Authority to Offer Free Wi-Fi

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Just two months after voters passed ballot measure 2C, the City of Boulder is solidifying plans to offer free Wi-Fi throughout the downtown Civic Area, reports the Boulder Daily Camera. Boulder was one of several Colorado communities that reclaimed local authority last fall. They had no specific project planned but knew they needed to create an … Read More

Community Broadband Media Roundup – February 1

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The mayors of 38 US cities came out this week to let the FCC know they want the authority to build high speed Internet networks. Jon Gold with Network World covered the story and reminded readers of the more heavy-handed tactics of our Comcast and TWC.  Three U.S. senators introduced a Community Broadband Act this week. Mario … Read More

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