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Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals Reverses FCC In Disappointing Ruling

| Written by ILSR | No Comments | Updated on Aug 10, 2016 The content that follows was originally published on the Institute for Local Self-Reliance website at

Disappointing news from the U.S. Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals today as the Court chooses to reverse the FCC’s February 2015 preemption order that peeled back restrictive state laws in Tennessee and North Carolina. We have the opinion for you to download and review.

We consider the Sixth Circuit’s decision disappointing, incorrect, and we hope the FCC and the cities of Chattanooga and Wilson appeal this decision. Local connectivity and telecommunications should be determined by the people who will be affected by their own decisions, not by officials who are distant, unaware of local matters, and lobbied by rich corporate Internet Service Providers with an interest in limiting competition.

To learn more about the decision, check out our prior coverage:

More to come. We will comment further as we dig into the Opinion…

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