Press Release: Walmart’s Climate Pollution Grows as It Scales Back Renewable Power

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Walmart’s Climate Pollution Grows as It Scales Back Renewable Power

More than a decade after Walmart pledged to become an environmental leader, the company’s climate emissions continue to rise, according to data released today by the Institute for Local Self-Reliance (ILSR).

ILSR found that Walmart has scaled back its renewable power projects in the U.S. The amount of renewable energy the company derives from its clean energy projects and special purchases fell by 16% since 2013.

Walmart derives only 2.4% of the electricity it uses in the U.S. from its own renewable energy projects, down from nearly 3.2% in 2013. Meanwhile, Walmart’s greenhouse gas emissions in the U.S. have risen 2% since 2013.

For its analysis, ILSR relied on data submitted by Walmart to CDP (formerly the Climate Disclosure Project).

“While other national retailers and many small businesses are generating a sizable share of their power from clean sources, Walmart has made very little progress, especially in the last few years,” said Stacy Mitchell, ILSR’s co-director.

The figures released today update data that ILSR published in two in-depth reports on Walmart’s environmental impact: Walmart’s Dirty Energy Secret (2014) and Walmart’s Assault on the Climate (2013).



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