Neighborhood Soil Rebuilders Replication

Interested in bringing the Neighborhood Soil Rebuilders (NSR) Composter Training Program to your community? The NSR Program is available to be licensed, and ILSR is available to consult on replication and adaptation. 

Replication Toolkit

To help support partners interested in replicating the NSR Program, we have developed an NSR Replication Toolkit which includes: 

  • An NSR Replication Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) which outlines the expectations of the collaboration
  • A modifiable program budget 
  • A proposal template for fundraising
  • Power Point files for each module 
  • Instructor guides for group or hands-on activities
  • Interactive games for instructors to use
  • A course handbook which outlines the course’s modules and requirements
  • A training manual with background reading 
  • A best management practices guide for starting a community composting project, which includes information on troubleshooting  
  • And more!

Replication Checklist

Here are a few things you’ll need to replicate the NSR Program:

  • A budget to license training materials and cover ILSR consulting time
  • An existing composting training site or a budget to build out a site
  • A local coordinator that will work with ILSR to adapt the NSR Program & provide outreach to the local community

Please contact Linda Bilsens at for more information.

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