In-Depth Studies of Recycling and Composting Programs: Designs, Costs, Results, Volumes I, II, and III

This three-volume study is one of the most comprehensive compilations on community recycling programs. It details aspects of 30 U.S. community recycling programs, each selected for its geographic and demographic representation, high recovery rates, and/or notable innovations. Each volume includes model initiatives for source reduction, construction and demolition debris recovery, food waste recovery, and salvage/reuse operations. The case studies allow for comparisons of costs and results, public and private collection, segregated and commingled set-out, curbside and drop-off, and mandatory and voluntary participation.

Volume I, Rural Communities,
by Brenda Platt, Naomi Friedman, Carolyn Grodinsky, and Margaret Suozzo
ISBN 0-917582-31-4, LC 92-9856
Download PDF File (4.32 MB)

Volume II, Suburbs and Small Cities,
ISBN 0-917582-30-6, LC 92-9856
Download PDF File (6.90 MB)

Volume III, Urban Areas,
ISBN 0-917582-29-2, LC 92-9856
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