CPR: Resuscitate the Climate – Stop Trashing It!

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The CPR Campaign is a joint effort of the Institute for Local Self-Reliance, Zero Waste USA, and the National Recycling Coalition to uplift waste reduction and materials conservation projects under the EPA’s Climate Pollution Reduction (CPR) Grants Program. On this page, we offer guidance for advocates, government officials, and community organizations on taking action to get Zero Waste solutions funded.


Our Resources


Additional Information & Resources

  • FAQs and Answers from EPA (updated February 16, 2024)
    • This most recent version of FAQ’s includes information on CPRG’s application process and timeline; eligible applicants; eligible measures; contracts, sub-awards, and participant support costs; competition structure; and evaluation and awards
  • NRDC’s CPRG Blog post 
    • Information on the grant application process, recommendations for including food waste reduction in PCAPs and implementation grants, and a list of potential project ideas

The mission of the CPR Campaign is to uplift waste reduction and materials conservation projects for this historic funding opportunity. A Zero Waste framework embedding waste prevention, reuse, recycling, and composting strategies rooted in and serving local communities will protect the climate while enhancing social equity, economic opportunities, food systems resilience, and quality of life.

Julia Spector - Research and Policy Associate
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Julia Spector

Julia Spector is the Research and Policy Associate for the Composting for Community Initiative. She works to amplify the team’s policy and advocacy efforts to advance community composting from the local to the federal level. Julia has dedicated her career to promoting social and racial justice, working at organizations focused on democracy, economic, and youth issues.

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