Recycling Record Setters Program Profiles: Government Facilities

Date: 14 Nov 1998 | posted in: waste - recycling, Waste to Wealth | 0 Facebooktwitterredditmail

GEORGIA DIAGNOSTIC AND CLASSIFICATION CENTER JACKSON, GA Contact: Boyd Leake Vice President Community Environmental Management, Inc. 770 Wesley Drive, NW Atlanta, GA 30305(404) 355-8770 fax (404) 355-8799

The Georgia Diagnostic and Classification Center, a 1,600-inmate facility, was chosen as a solid waste management pilot project for the Georgia Department of Corrections in 1992. The facility implemented a combination of recycling and composting in order to reduce the waste it sent to the landfill. The compost program combines food scraps from the prison kitchen with local yard trimmings and cardboard. The compost is then used to enhance soil at Corrections farm operations. Monthly trips to the landfill have been reduced from 13 to 3 and waste costs at the facility have dropped 63%. Because the pilot project at this facility has been so successful, the Georgia Department of Corrections has expanded the program to other correctional facilities.

NEW YORK STATE DEPARTMENT OF CORRECTIONS Contact: Jim Marion New York State Eastern Correctional Facility Sullivan, NY(914) 647-1653

The Department of Corrections began its composting project in 1990. In 1997, 47 sites were composting 6,200 tons per year, or 90% of their food discards. In addition, cotton from used mattresses is used as a bulking agent in the compost. The facilities also recycle corrugated cardboard, office and computer paper, newsprint, bi-metal cans, plastic containers, and styrofoam. Participating facilities recycle, including compost, 80% of their solid waste.