Environment Rule Categories

We take our environment for granted. When we flip the light switch we expect the light to go on. We don’t much care why or how that happens. And most people don’t care about the intricate workings of our solid waste system of disposal and recovery, unless that system breaks down or rates skyrocket.

Without responsibility, authority will be exercised in shortsighted ways. This section of the web site identifies rules that encourage communities to adopt a longer perspective and embrace policies that are responsible to the next generation. The most enduring way to reduce pollution is to extract the maximum value from local resources. The higher the efficiency, the lower the waste, the lower the pollution.

This section identifies the rules–tax policies, regulations, ordinances, etc.– that best reflect that philosophy. Such rules encourage entrepreneurial energy and investment capital and scientific genius to maximize efficiency and the harnessing of renewable resources. Rather than a comprehensive listing of all measures that protect the environment, we list those that are the most rigorous, or innovative, or far reaching.

Auto Manufacturer Take Back Law – Maine

Ban on Non-Refillable Bottles

Ban on Yard Trimmings in Landfills

Beverage Container Deposit – Model System

Billboard Bans and Controls

Cell Communication Towers

CFC’s Phaseout

Chemical Regulations

Compost Procurement Policies

Compost-Amended Soil Requirements

Construction and Demolition Waste Recycling – Atherton, CA

Construction and Demolition Waste Recycling – Chicago, IL

Corporate Good Character Law

Electronic Waste Recycling – California

Electronic Waste Recycling – Maine

Electronic Waste Recycling – Maryland

Electronic Waste Recycling – Washington

Environmental Preferable Purchasing

Fertilizer & Pesticide Bans or Taxes

Food Scrap Recovery Policies

Hazardous Waste Tax

Illinois – Electronics Take Back Law

Land Use Policy

Light Pollution

Litter Tax on Fast Food and Convenience Stores – Oakland, CA

Noise Pollution

Off Road Vehicles and ATV Regulation

On-Farm Composting Rules and Permit Exemptions

Performance-Based Composting Permit Regulations

Plug-in Electric Vehicles

Public Art

Recycling and Solid Waste

Refillable Beverage Containers – Model Policies

Right to Know Laws

Road Pricing

Tax-Base Sharing

Vehicle Limitations

Water Pollution

Zero Waste – Oakland, CA