Electronic Waste Recycling – Washington

In March 2006, the state of Washington passed an electronics recycling bill that requires manufacturers to finance the collection, transportation and recycling of old computers, monitors and televisions. With the implementation of this new "producer takeback" rule, Washington will become the fourth state to enact electronics recycling legislation (see more states here).

Thelegislation calls for a free program for residents, small businesses, schools, small local governments and charities. By Jan. 1, 2009, manufacturers must pay to implement their own recycling program or participate in a centralized plan that a third party, quasi-governmental agency will run.

Electronicscovered under the new law include: TVs and Monitors 4” or more diagonally, (both CRTs and flat panels), laptops, and desktop computers(CPUs).

It does not permit exporting electronic waste to Third World nations or the use of prison labor to disassemble obsolete electronic equipment.


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