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In the early 1970’s, several cities adopted”one-percent-for-the-arts” policies. One percent of public capital spending had to be spent for art that enriched public spaces. Today more than 100 communities have adopted such provisions. Some- like Fort Lauderdale, Dallas, San Francisco and San Jose – have increased the requirements to 1.5 or 2%.

The Houston/Harris County Cultural Arts Council has compiled a comparison of programs.

Financing Public Art – Dallas

The city recognizes the importance of expanding the opportunities for its citizens to experience public art and other projects resulting from the creative expression of its visual artists in public places of the city.  The city further recognizes the substantial economic benefits to be gained in the form of increased tourism through enhancement of public spaces and consequent retail activity throughout the city.  A policy is established in this article to include works of art and design services of artists in certain city capital improvement projects.… Read More

Financing Public Art – Tampa

Tampa, Florida has gone beyond public spending to require that both city government and private developers of commercial properties allocate funds for art in public places. Developers must invest 1% of the project budget in art or contribute to a city art fund (maximum of $200,000 per project). The code also creates a public arts committee.

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