ILSR’s energy democracy work aims to create community economies enriched by pursuit of 100% renewable energy. This work is in the context of our focus on building local power over all sectors of the economy. The following video illustrates:


Our energy work straddles two areas of work:

  1. Empowering local communities through direct technical assistance, strategic advice, and policy toolkits (ranging from podcast stories to in-depth reports to infographics), and
  2. Challenging the power of incumbent, often monopoly, corporations that control the energy system by advancing campaigns and policies to increase the relative power of communities.

Pro-Local Policies and Research

To browse the wide array of local energy policies in context, check out our interactive Community Power Toolkit

For a deeper dive, check out ILSR’s research into these policy areas:

Anti-Concentration Policies

To see these pro-competition policies in context, see which states do best with our Community Power Map.

For a deeper dive, see ILSR’s work on: