ILSR’s 2021 Annual Report

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In 2021, as many large corporations took advantage of the pandemic to increase their outsized sway over our economy and our democracy, we’ve seen a growing movement for change across the country. Elected officials, advocates, and individuals like you are seeking out ways to build stronger, more equitable, and more sustainable communities.

The Institute for Local Self-Reliance has worked hard to meet the challenges and opportunities of this moment. Our 2021 annual report highlights the work we’ve done this year, including on-the-ground technical assistance, in-depth research and analysis, and coalition building with grassroots organizations, to empower local communities and help instill racial and economic justice throughout our economy. In hundreds of media stories covering our work, ILSR is influencing and expanding public understanding of monopoly problems across the economy and building support for taking action to counter it.

A priority in 2021 was advocating for local solutions at the federal level. From organizing Congressional support for reining in the power of Big Tech to successfully advocating for federal funding for local broadband networks to shifting the national climate policy discourse to focus on decentralized, local power as key to reducing emissions and creating jobs, ILSR’s influence was stronger than ever. 


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