Working Partner Update: Save the Albatross Coalition

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See below a letter from ILSR President, Neil Seldman, and Algalita Marine Research and Education Founder, Captain Charles Moore imploring further environmental groups to join the Save the Albatross Coalition:


Click here to support our legislative campaign!

The Save the Albatross Coalition  (SAC) is a bootstrap campaign dedicated to stopping the tide of single-use items polluting our oceans and killing our wildlife – in particular the iconic Pacific Albatross. Our current focus is on plastic bottles and bottle caps, which combined are the most frequent items found at beach and watershed clean-ups. Here is what SAC achieved in 2017:

  • Initiated California Assembly Bill 319 – thank you author Assembly Member Mark Stone, which will prohibit retailers, by 2020, from selling beverages in plastic bottles with a cap not tethered to the container.
  • Created the Leash the Lid Toolkit. It can be used to distribute information, write legislative support letters, send letters to the editor and/or ask your city council or mayor to pass a support resolution. Also, please share the Leash the Lid – Support AB-319 YouTube video and the Tell Coke and Pepsi to Leash their Lids!org petition. We have almost 92,000 signatures to date – 61% of our goal of 150,000!
  • Dialoged with Coca-Cola, PepsiCo and Nestlé Waters on these efforts.
  • Produced a dynamic Indiegogo Campaign to fundraise for lobbying and website expenses. Please check it out!

The nine organizations in our logo above are committed to this effort. May we add your group to the list? We invite a representative of your group to join our work sessions and welcome contributions of any amount.

With your support, we will continue to make meaningful change to the status quo and improve the plight of the Albatross and the rest of the ocean eco-system.

Sincerely, Neil and Charles

Captain Charles Moore

Founder, Algalita Marine Research and Education

Long Beach, California

Neil Seldman

President, Institute for Local Self-Reliance

Washington, D.C.

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