Webinar Resources: Composting with Worms on a Mid to Large-Scale — What, Why, How, and Who

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Thank you to everyone who registered for and attended our webinar! You can view the recording below. Transcript coming soon.


Vermicomposting (composting with worms) is one of the best sustainable options for recycling organic materials like food scraps into a valuable soil amendment, vermicast (worm compost).

Join this webinar on Tuesday, January 22nd at 2p.m. EST to hear internationally renowned vermicomposting expert, Rhonda Sherman, share the highlights from her new book, The Worm Farmer’s Handbook: Mid- to Large-Scale Vermicomposting for Farms, Businesses, Municipalities, Schools, and Institutions. This comprehensive guide features how to successfully vermicompost and includes everything you need to know from business planning, system selection, managing and troubleshooting, vermicast harvesting, tips for replication, and lessons learned from model enterprises around the world. Given the importance of healthy soils to healthy food and carbon sequestration, this handbook couldn’t be more timely.

Whether you want to start vermicomposting or are a public official interested in supporting locally based composting, this webinar is for you!

Join this webinar to learn:

  • The many benefits of vermicompost

  • Vermicomposting basics

  • Who can vermicompost (from schools and farms to municipalities and businesses)

  • Planning for success and what to avoid

  • The wide range in setups and systems

  • Vermicomposting operations around the world




This webinar is one in a series we offer to share working models and tips for replication. View our webinar resources here.

To learn more about ILSR’s Composting for Community Initiative, click here.

Rhonda Sherman 

North Carolina State University

Extension Specialist, Department of Horticultural Science

Raleigh, N.C.


Rhonda Sherman is a leading authority on vermicomposting and organizes the world’s only annual conference on large‐scale commercial vermicomposting (her 19th Vermiculture Conference took place November 10-11, 2018). Rhonda is the founder and director of a two‐acre Compost Learning Lab (CL2) at NC State’s 1,500-acre Lake Wheeler Road Field Laboratory. The CL2 has a 40‐ft by 30‐ft Worm Barn, an equipment shed, and a covered teaching shelter. There are 26 types of composting and vermicomposting bins and areas for hands‐on training activities. She has taught composting and vermicomposting in Guyana, the Dominican Republic, Argentina, Chile, and throughout the United States. She has authored over 65 publications on vermicomposting, composting, recycling and waste reduction. Her new book is The Worm Farmer’s Handbook: Mid- to Large-Scale Vermicomposting for Farms, Businesses, Municipalities, Schools, and Institutions. Read more here.


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