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Speakers decry BRESCO at City Council “zero waste” hearing

| Written by Nick Stumo-Langer | No Comments | Updated on May 17, 2017 The content that follows was originally published on the Institute for Local Self-Reliance website at

Baltimore Brew – May 17, 2017

By Fern Shen

A little over a year ago, activists were fighting a New York company’s plan to put a trash-burning incinerator near homes and a school in South Baltimore – and even spending a night in jail to make their point.

Yesterday they were the toast of City Hall, invited to testify on a City Council resolution to commence a planning process leading to the formal adoption of a “zero waste” goal for Baltimore.

Adopted (or being adopted) by cities like San Fransisco and Boston, the “zero waste” philosophy means moving away from landfills and incinerators and toward more recycling, re-use, repairing, composting and other ways of sustainably managing solid waste. …

Neil Seldman, founder of the Institute for Local Self Reliance, said the low cost of recycling in Baltimore right now, less than $20 per ton, presents an economic opportunity.

“This is a momentous point economically for Baltimore,” Seldman said. “This is a cash cow for the city in terms of jobs.”

By contrast, incineration is more costly, he said.

According to the city’s 10-Year Solid Waste Management Plan, the cost to the city for BRESCO incineration is $50 per ton.

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