Rules to Encourage Composting

Policy is a major driving factor in enabling and mobilizing composting efforts, especially for farmers and local community sites, by providing financial incentives and supporting expansion of infrastructure. This type of legislation mostly falls under the domain of state and local governments, rather than the federal government. A growing number of cities, counties, and states are recognizing the benefits of composting and, accordingly, enacting policy measures that support the creation and expansion of composting programs and efforts.

Maryland – Right to Compost for HOAs and Condos

The right to engage in composting is often prohibited or highly restricted for those living within homeowners’ associations (HOAs) or condominiums. Maryland House Bill 248, which became law on May 30th, 2021 without the Governor’s signature, clarifies rights and restrictions on composting regulations in condominiums and HOAs throughout Maryland. The new law, sponsored by Delegate Emily Shetty (District 18), allows condominium and HOA unit owners to subscribe to food scrap collection services and HOA lot owners to compost at home. It will take effect on October 1, 2021. … Read More

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Sophia Jones is a Policy Fellow with ILSR’s Composting for Community initiative, where she researches, analyzes and supports the building of US policy that advances local composting. Her background in sustainable development and agriculture reflects her interest in solutions-based, community-led development initiatives.