Bio-Based Products

Bio-Based Products Purchasing – Iowa

A 1998 Iowa law required state agencies to give soy-based hydraulic fluid a purchasing preference. In April 2000, this law was amended to include a preference for greases and other industrial lubricants as well as hydraulic fluids. Soy is still the raw material of choice. In addition, the new law also removes two prerequisites for the purchasing preference: one said that the lubricant must be within the agency's budget, and the other that the lubricant must be consistent with the manufacturer's specifications for the equipment.… Read More

Bio-Based Products Purchasing – Michigan

A Michigan House resolution (HCR34) passed in 1999 "urges state government agencies to use bio-based products as a source of oil and diesel fuel whenever possible."

Crop researchers in the state have estimated that farmers in the cooperative could see profits of 20-30 percent by growing and processing soybeans collectively, rather than the typical 5 percent return they receive by selling crops at the grain elevator.… Read More