Development of a Master Composter Training Program in the Washington, DC Region

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If you are interested in supporting the development of a DC Region Master Composter Training Program, please contact Bobby Bell at

An active Master Composter Training Program is a key component of a successful decentralized community-based composting infrastructure. The National Capital Region Organics Task Force has agreed to support the development of a Master Composter Training Program in the DC Metropolitan Region. ILSR and ECO City Farms are partnering to take the lead in developing this program.



The Task Force agreed to support this Master Composter initiative following its September 24, 2012 meeting, which featured presentations of other model programs from New York City, Seattle, and Bernalillo County, New Mexico. Since then, ILSR and ECO City Farms have partnered to develop a project proposal, and have begun to identify the best features of the best programs nationwide. Find presentation documents and links to additional information below.

September 2012 – On September 24, 2012, The National Capital Region Task Force heard presentations from three cities (NYC, Seattle, and Bernalillo Co, NM) to learn more about their existing model Master Composter programs.

NCR-OTF September 24, 2012 Meeting (Recorded Webinar) 

NCR-OTF September 24, 2012 Meeting Minutes

NYC Master Composter Program Presentation


Resource Links:

NYC Compost Project Website

NYC Master Composter Website

NYC Local Organics Recovery Program

NYC Master Composter Manual (*Currently Under Revision)

596 Acres (NYC’s Vacant Lots as Compost Operations)

Seattle Tilth’s Master Composter/Soil Builder Training Program Website

Bernalillo County (Bernco) Extension Master Composter Website

Bernco Master Composter Program Description


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