Lessons from Minnesota – a Solar Success (Presentation)

Date: 16 Jul 2013 | posted in: Energy, Energy Self Reliant States | 0 Facebooktwitterredditmail

This presentation by Director of Democratic Energy John Farrell shows the politics, process, and policy that led to Minnesota becoming the 17th state with a solar or distributed renewable energy standard in 2013.  Delivered to a webinar audience of Oregonians for Renewable Energy Progress (OREP) on July 16, 2013, it explains the new solar standard, the value of solar tariff, net metering changes, and community solar opportunity, with the legislative goals and the final product.  Presentation co-delivered with Erin Stojan Ruccolo, Director of Electricity Markets of Fresh Energy.

This presentation was the second in a two-part series by OREP on the Minnesota solar energy standard.  Presentation audio available from OREP.

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John Farrell directs the Energy Democracy initiative at the Institute for Local Self-Reliance and he develops tools that allow communities to take charge of their energy future, and pursue the maximum economic benefits of the transition to 100% renewable power.