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Featured Article, Resource filed under Deconstruction, Waste to Wealth, Zero Waste & Economic Development | Written by Neil Seldman | 2 Comments | Updated on Nov 13, 2012

Creating Jobs and Saving Money through Reuse – A Deconstruction Case Study

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The joint venture between Westmoreland Community Action (WCA), Greensburg, PA, and The ReUse People (TRP), Oakland, CA, completes a circle begun over a decade ago when HHS engaged ILSR to explore the feasibility of building deconstruction as a community development tool. The ILSR technical assistance work that followed led to the start up and expansion of numerous deconstruction companies and projects. As advisor to TRP, ILSR suggested that WCA would be a suitable partner as TRP expanded from its base in CA to nine additional sites throughout the US. WCA and TRP have been working together for the past two years.


Westmoreland Community Action, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in Greensburg, PA, has been serving disadvantaged residents in Westmoreland County and surrounding counties in southwestern Pennsylvania since 1980.  WCA’s mission is to “strengthen communities and families to eliminate poverty,” and the organization currently runs 22 programs to achieve its organizational goals.  WCA provides housing services including the construction of 10-20 homes per year.  The organization also offers emergency assistance in addition to employment, mental health, and child development programs. Continue reading