Hot Composting Classes in DC This Fall

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Have you always wanted to compost in your backyard or garden, but haven’t known where to begin? Have you tried but given up due to poor results? Or do you just need help troubleshooting your existing composting system? If any of these are true for you, join us for a hot composting class in the District this fall! Our next class is on October 13th and it is free. Space is limited and first-come-first-serve, so register soon! ! 

ILSR’s Composting for Community Project is offering these classes in memory of Brittany Danisch with the generous support of her family and friends, in partnership with the Zero Waste Committee of the DC Chapter of the Sierra Club, Compost Cab, the DC Food Recovery Working GroupWashington Parks and People, the University of the District of Columbia’s East Capitol Urban Farm and the ECUF Compost Project. The October 13th class will kick off the 3rd annual DC Food Recovery Week.


Class Details & Registration

The class dates and locations are listed below. Space is limited! Register by clicking on the link for the appropriate link below:

  • Saturday, September 29th from noon – 2pm at North Columbia Heights Green. Registration closed.
  • Saturday, October 13th from 9:30 – 11:30am at East Capitol Urban Farm*. Register here.

*This class will also prepare local residents to join the ECUF Compost Project’s collaboratively managed food scrap drop off program.


These 2-hour classes will provide home composters the background they need to get started, troubleshoot on their own, and produce high-quality compost. Composting is not rocket science but there are some key facts composters need to know! We will cover the importance of oxygen, moisture, balancing nitrogen-rich material with carbon-rich material, which materials not to compost, and how to know the compost is ready to use. We will demonstrate how to compost successfully using a backyard composting system and how to avoid odor problems and attracting unwanted critters. The October 13th class will also prepare local residents to join the ECUF Compost Project’s collaboratively managed food scrap drop off program, which ILSR launched in 2017.


Free Backyard Composting Systems

We are also offering class participants a limited number of FreeGarden Earth and Earth Machine backyard composting bins for free! These bins usually retail for $80+. This offer is available to class participants willing to track data on how their use of the bin for six months after the class. Data to be collected will include weight of the materials added, temperatures reached, and other management practices used. If you’re interested in receiving a composting bin, please indicate so on the registration form.

             Earth Machine
       FreeGarden Earth


The compost bin rebate will be administered at the end of the 6-month data collection period to participants that do the following:

  1. Gain approval for the placement of a bin from the relevant landlord or property management before placing or using a bin.
  2. Attend one of the two classes listed above.
  3. Use the bin as specified in trainings and product instructions and data sheets.
  4. Gather, and submit as required, the data requested by the Institute for Local Self-Reliance on the web-based submission form (forthcoming).
  5. Properly maintain the Bin as directed including adhering to guidelines on when and how to add compostable material.
  6. Proactively implement rodent avoidance measures, immediately address any rodent activity if it occurs, and contact the Institute for Local Self-Reliance if rodent activity persists.
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