While ILSR is a national organization, we maintain a deep focus in our hometown, the District of the Columbia, where we first opened our doors in 1974. For more than a decade, we have advanced waste reduction, reuse, recycling, and composting in DC and the region.  Our current focus is cultivating locally based composting in the District.



Through our Neighborhood Soil Rebuilders composter train-the-trainer program – developed in partnership with ECO City Farms – we offer compost training: backyard, worm/vermicomposting, and community-scale (for schools, community gardens, urban farms, and the like). We offer a variety of training sessions, from half-day workshops to 6-week courses that involve 20 hours of classroom time and 20 hours of hands-on field work.

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We are directly building and expanding community compost sites in the District.


Invite our trained staff to speak about composting at your next event. We have presented at many DC forums including the DC Food Recovery Summit, Rooting DC, and the DC Department of Parks & Recreation’s Urban Master Composter Training Course.


Policy, legislative directives, and administrative rules are important to create the right environment for composting to thrive. In DC, we have collaborated with many groups to advance favorable policies for composting.


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