Figures from A Growing Movement: 2022 Community Composter Census

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ILSR’s March 2023 report, A Growing Movement: 2022 Community Composter Census, tracks the nature and growth of the community composting sector, identifying its main challenges and demonstrating its unique benefits.

The report features more than 50 figures and graphics. Select figures are available as PNGs. Download them for free to share these key findings with your network!

Click the thumbnail to view the full size figure and right click to download a PNG file.

To download all select figures as a zip folder click here.

LGBTQ+ Demographics
Growth of Operations
Sources and End Uses
Gender Demographics
Jobs Factors
Revenue Sources
Food Scraps

To share figures under creative commons license, free of cost, we request you credit the Institute for Local Self-Reliance by including the following:

Source: C. Libertelli, B. Platt, M. Matthews, A Growing Movement: 2022 Community Composter Census, Institute for Local Self-Reliance, 2023 ( Reprinted with permission.

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