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Webinar: Composting Recipes & Integrating Food Scraps with James McSweeney

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ILSR’s On-Farm Composting & Compost Use Webinar Series features experts from across the industry and covers the ins and outs of on-farm composting and compost use. In the third of the series, Composting Recipes & Integrating Food Scraps, James McSweeney presented a comprehensive overview of composting feedstock management and recipe development for farms. James is a composting consultant, educator, and author of Community-Scale Composting Systems, a comprehensive designer’s and practitioner’s manual for food scrap composters. In this webinar, James discussed: compost recipe development using common farm inputs, including animal mortalities; feedstock sourcing, handling and pre-processing; estimating site throughput; and best management practices for handling and composting food scraps.

This webinar series was offered in partnership with the Million Acre Challenge.

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Speaker: James McSweeney

Through his work at the Highfields Center for Composting and current consultancy, Compost Technical Services, James has worked with hundreds of composters, large and small, on everything from site planning, design, and management to compost heat recovery and livestock feeding systems. He co-authored Growing Local Fertility: A Guide to Community Composting with Brenda Platt of ILSR, and has been an ardent proponent and collaborator in the community composting movement in the United States. With a background in agroecology and permaculture, restoring ecological integrity to our local farm and food systems is at the heart of James’s work.


The live webinar took place on: 

October 5, 2021 from 12:00-1:30 pm ET


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