Neil Seldman Presents Recycling Based Economic Development Options in NC

People for Clean Mountains (PCM), Transylvania County, NC, have convinced County Commissioners to pass a 12-month moratorium on the construction of incinerators using any feedstock and producing any type of electricity or biofuel from garbage incineration in the county. The Commissioners … Read More

Is the $236 Billion Recycling Sector Threatened by a Hostile Takeover?

Date: 8 Jul 2013 | posted in: Press Release, waste - zero waste, Waste to Wealth | 0 Facebooktwitterredditmail

For decades the US recycling movement has fought garbage incinerators that threatened to smother it in its infancy. Indeed, recycling is now a $300 billion industry in large part because of the success of a broad grassroots movement in halting the construction of hundreds of new incinerators. But, according to a policy review by the Institute for Local Self-Reliance, the specter of a revived incineration industry is again threatening the recycling industry and, ironically, this threat is being enabled by the application of new environmental strategy intended to increase re-use and recycling: Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR). In British Columbia, for example, the EPR program has embraced the construction of three new incinerators.… Read More

Composting Supports Jobs and Healthy Watersheds, Say New ILSR Reports

Two new reports from the Institute for Local Self-Reliance’s Composting Makes $en$e Project document the importance of expanded composting and compost use to enhance soils, protect watersheds, reduce waste, and create green jobs and a new made-in-America industrial sector. For … Read More

Composting Makes $en$e: Jobs through Composting & Compost Use

Recycling is an economic development tool as well as an environmental tool. Reuse, recycling, and waste reduction offer direct development opportunities for communities. When collected with skill and care, and upgraded with quality in mind, discarded materials are a local resource that can contribute to local revenue, job creation, business expansion, and the local economic base.… Read More

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