Decentralized Recycling Models for Cities: Berkeley and El Cerrito, CA

Berkeley, CA, and El Cerrito, CA, in the San Francisco Bay area are special examples of government, grassroots, and private business collaboration in recycling and reuse for the past 30 years. Below are comments on the decentralized model by one of its key advocates and activists, Dan Knapp. Dan is the founder of Urban Ore, which operates in both cities. … Read More

Creating Jobs and Saving Money through Reuse – A Deconstruction Case Study

The joint venture between Westmoreland Community Action (WCA), Greensburg, PA, and The ReUse People (TRP), Oakland, CA, completes a circle begun over a decade ago when HHS engaged ILSR to explore the feasibility of building deconstruction as a community development tool. The ILSR technical assistance work that followed led to the start up and expansion of numerous deconstruction companies and projects. As advisor to TRP, ILSR suggested that WCA would be a suitable partner as TRP expanded from its base in CA to nine additional sites throughout the U.S.… Read More

Waste to Wealth Summit September 13 & 14

The Appalachia Ohio Zero Waste Initiative will bring together regional solid waste management stakeholders from Appalachian communities in Ohio, Kentucky and West Virginia for a two-day summit that will examine how to build and sustain rural wealth by increasing resource recovery and supporting the development … Read More

Recycling Stimulates Economic Development

In the late 1960s and early 1970s, the U.S. recycling movement benefitted from the decentralized nature of our government. Today in the midst of the Great Recession, decentralized recycling is proving its worth to the country once again. The recycling industry has created well over 1 million jobs and is projected to add another million jobs as recycling levels continue to divert more and more material to industry and agriculture. The following stories introduce just a fraction of the new job creating and job sustaining endeavors from around the U.S.… Read More

Brave New EPR World and Its Resource Monopolies

Imagine a world in which there were state-mandated middleman organizations that contracted for and controlled the recovery of all discarded resources. That’s the brave new world of EPR, much of which is in place in British Columbia, and which is even today helping US legislators write laws to bring us resource monopolies that might ask for exemption from antitrust laws.… Read More

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