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building-local-power-podcastAt the Institute for Local Self-Reliance, we are constantly working (along with our strong allies) on breaking the chains of monopoly power in all sectors of our economy. From challenging incumbent cable monopolies in order to promote better Internet connectivity to pointing out how Amazon pushes local retailers out of the market, our researchers develop positive policy prescriptions to improve our local economies.


That’s why we’ve developed our latest podcast series detailing the work our staff is doing in an easily digestable interview format. You’ll get a first glimpse at some of our newest original research and a unique perspective on today’s most pressing topics. Podcasts are published every other Thursday at Noon, eastern time.


We at ILSR are Building Local Power.


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Podcast Episodes

Every episode page contains a detailed introduction of the interviewee as well as deep analysis of the issues discussed in each episode.

Podcast Number: Podcast Name: Interviewee(s): Description: Date Published:
14 Breaking Through Partisanship: Left-Right-Local John Farrell, Stacy Mitchell, & David Morris In this episode, top ILSR staff members have a free-form discussion on the growth of political partisanship and how ILSR’s work cuts across many of those barriers. FULL TRANSCRIPT -> March 23, 2017
13 America’s Major Market Power Problem Stacy Mitchell In this episode, Mitchell runs down the reality that large, consolidated competition has extremely negative effects on the small business culture of the United States. FULL TRANSCRIPT -> March 9, 2017
12 The Power and Perils of Cooperatives Hannah Trostle & Karlee Weinmann In this episode, Trostle and Weinmann discuss the benefits of cooperative ownership as it relates to our community broadband and renewable energy initiatives. FULL TRANSCRIPT -> February 23, 2017
11 Bolstering Waste Recovery Through Model Legislation Brenda Platt In this episode, Platt gives a short history of the zero waste movement and discusses model legislation currently up in Maryland to increase the percentage of waste diverted from landfills. FULL TRANSCRIPT -> February 9, 2017
10 Preemption, Local Authority, & Municipal Broadband Christopher Mitchell & Lisa Gonzalez In this episode, Mitchell and Gonzalez give an overview of our Community Broadband Networks initiative and detail the challenges localities face when they just want to have high-quality Internet service. FULL TRANSCRIPT -> January 26, 2017
9 The Perils of Privatization David Morris In this episode, Morris discusses how our economy has transitioned from valuing public works as a cornerstone of local power to far away infrastructure projects. FULL TRANSCRIPT -> January 12, 2017
8 The Year in Building Local Power Olivia LaVecchia, Chris Mitchell, Nick Stumo-Langer, & Karlee Weinmann In this episode, the group discusses a myriad of different issues around building local power in our economy. They discuss corporate concentration, energy monopolies, and citizen-sponsored initiatives. FULL TRANSCRIPT -> December 29, 2016
7 Composting Cultivates Economic Development Linda Bilsens In this episode, Bilsens explains how producing compost from food scraps builds local economic development, fights climate change, and cultivates community. FULL TRANSCRIPT -> December 15, 2016
6 Amazon’s Growing Stranglehold Stacy Mitchell In this episode, Mitchell details the main points from the recent report including the startling fact that nearly $1 of every $2 spent online are spent on Amazon.  FULL TRANSCRIPT -> December 1, 2016
5 Broadband Boosted at the Ballot, An Election Wrap-Up Lisa Gonzalez  In this episode, Gonzalez delves into the election results coming out of Colorado regarding the two dozen communities who voted to reclaim their broadband connectivity future. FULL TRANSCRIPT -> November 17, 2016
4 Powering a Political Revolution, North Dakota’s Non-Partisan League David Morris In this episode, Morris goes into detail on the League’s political influence and how their policies set North Dakota on a trajectory of local ownership and a tradition of fighting concentrated economic power. FULL TRANSCRIPT -> November 3, 2016
3 Energy Democracy: Customer Control over Renewable Energy John Farrell In this episode, Farrell discusses the renewable energy economies of scale and how, oftentimes, who owns the energy system matters more than its size. FULL TRANSCRIPT -> October 20, 2016
2 The True Value of Recycling and the Waste Stream Neil Seldman In this episode, Seldman discusses the benefits of ILSR’s recycling work and responds to comments critical of the economic benefits driven by recycling. FULL TRANSCRIPT -> October 6, 2016
1 The Dark Store Tax Dodge of Big-Box Retailers Olivia LaVecchia In this episode, LaVecchia discusses the tactic that big-box retailers use to cheat their local communities out of adequate property taxes. FULL TRANSCRIPT -> September 22, 2016