Green America Webinar Focuses on Benefits of Local Recycling

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Neil Seldman, a co-founder of the Institute for Local Self-Reliance and a researcher for the Waste to Wealth initiative, joined Beth Porter of Green America for a webinar in November of 2017.

This webinar focuses on the history and practical aspects of recycling in America. ILSR and Green America (formerly Coop America) have been working partners since the inception of both organizations in the mid 1970s.… Read More

Energy Democracy Media Roundup — Week of June 25, 2018

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This week in Energy Democracy news: Pennsylvania state legislators pass a law to help fund clean energy technologies on commercial and industrial buildings, a great way to support community-owned renewable energy; advocates are planning to ensure electric vehicle benefits are seen by folks of all income levels; and community solar advocates win a victory in New York.… Read More

Innovation in Small Town America (Episode 48)

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Three of our researchers (Christopher Mitchell, John Farrell, & Brenda Platt) sit down together to discuss how small cities across America are innovating in the ways they are supporting their local economies. Mitchell discusses this innovation in Idaho; Farrell details the discussions in Decorah, Iowa; and Platt portrays many different home composting programs.… Read More

Energy Democracy Media Roundup — Week of June 11, 2018

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This week in Energy Democracy news: Communities in Indiana are rejecting the state’s anti-net metering laws by taking it upon themselves to promote solar energy; a study comes out from Yale Environment 360 detailing how Puerto Rico could have/should have been rebuilt with renewables, instead of further privatization; Minnesota moves to include on-bill financing to ensure folks of all income levels have access to renewables and energy efficiency; and the number of U.S. cities pledging to go to 100% renewable energy rose sharply last year.… Read More

A Teaching Moment on ‘Pay As You Throw’ Recycling Policy in Connecticut

Neil Seldman ILSR’s co-founder and director of its Waste to Wealth Initiative, quoted in Falls River Herald News on unit pricing of solid waste and recycling: Stands corrected. Seldman stated that he was not aware of any community that ended its Pay As You Throw (PAYT) program when interviewed by Herald News reporter Jo C. Goode. After the interview he learned of one such community, East Lyme, Conn.… Read More

The Ringer Covers Tech Monopolies, Cites ILSR in Amazon Section

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The Ringer is a publication that covers media, sports, and technology. Their reporter Victor Luckerson covers the machinations of Big Tech, including in his monopoly primer on the biggest power players in Silicon Valley and beyond. In his section on Amazon Luckerson cites our Amazon report and the original writing from ILSR co-director and Community-Scaled Economy initiative director Stacy Mitchell.… Read More

On-Bill Financing Gets a Boost in Minneapolis, Issue Covered by Energy News Networ

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Inclusive financing is a way to ensure that low-income folks have access to the myriad benefits of energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies by paying for these upgrades as part of their electricity bills. Minneapolis, Minnesota is looking at requiring the inclusion of this financing option and Frank Jossi of the Energy News Network covered the development.

He interviewed Energy Democracy initiative director John Farrell for his perspective.… Read More

The Digital Divide Exists, It’s Devastating. Motherboard Dives into Why It Isn’t Driving Elections

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Motherboard Vice is a great publication that details the way that Internet access and these technologies impact people’s lives. Kaleigh Rogers asks the interesting question as to why the digital divide, the lack of Internet access in many parts of rural America, isn’t a larger issue in the 2018 election cycle. For her story, Rogers interviewed Christopher Mitchell, the director of the Community Broadband Networks initiative at the Institute for Local Self-Reliance for his perspective as to why.… Read More

Maine Calling Details the State of Broadband Connectivity with ILSR’s Christopher Mitchell

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Broadband Internet connectivity is a critical issue in every community across America, the mystery in how communities get connected was the springboard for this show on Maine Public Broadcasting’s Maine Calling show. ILSR’s Community Broadband Networks initiative director Christopher Mitchell answered questions and detailed innovative broadband models on the show, listen at the link below.… Read More

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