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Wireless Philadelphia – Earthlink Contract: Highlights

| Written by Becca | No Comments | Updated on Apr 24, 2006 The content that follows was originally published on the Institute for Local Self-Reliance website at

Philadelphia and Earthlink have developed the first contract between a major city and a private network owner for citywide wireless. This paper presents the highlights of the Wireless Philadelphia Broadband Network Agreement between Earthlink and Wireless Philadelphia (the city government-chartered non-profit), with my comments in italics. At the end is a summary of the overall lessons cities might learn from Philadelphia’s experience.

This is not a complete representation of the contract. Rather, I have emphasized those points that have not been included in news reports but re important to other cities considering privately owned citywide wireless networks.

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Becca joined ILSR to work on American Voice 2004, then stayed on to develop the telecommunications initiative. She is presently focused on the financial and economic considerations behind municipal broadband efforts.

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