Vox’s Today, Explained: Supermarket Supermerger

Date: 27 Oct 2022 | posted in: Media Coverage | 0 Facebooktwitterredditmail

Ron Knox, Senior Researcher and Writer at ILSR, discusses the proposed Kroger/Alberstons grocery merger on Vox’s Today, Explained podcast, hosted by Noel King. An excerpt from the podcast, which was originally released on October 27, 2022, follows:

…”The real danger is that you end up with this extremely consolidated grocery sector, where you have one or two stores in a lot of places around the country. And these inflationary pressures that we’re all having to deal with… those actually increase, because these companies end up with even more power to charge whatever they want for the things that sit on their shelves. That’s the real danger.”

Hear the full podcast here.


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