Video: Compost Happens, But Training Matters​

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placeholderplaceholderComposting is an age-old practice that still benefits our soils as much today as it did in ancient times. But, what many people may not know is that proper training matters in order to create this “black gold” both safely and effectively. At ILSR’s Composting for Community Project, we’re cultivating a greater awareness of the myriad benefits compost can provide to our soils and ourselves, the critical role community plays in the composting process, and what it takes to create high-quality compost.

Our Neighborhood Soil Rebuilders Composter Training Course has a community-scale focus and a community service component. This course involves ~20 hours of classroom instruction and ~20 hours of hands-on fieldwork covering Composting Science, Soil Science, Compost Testing, Pile and Bin Building, Community Engagement, and much more!

The benefits of composting are maximized when the process takes place locally. That’s why Neighborhood Soils are at the core of our NSR program. We emphasize the art and science of hot composting that can be implemented at schools, churches, urban farms, and community gardens. Here, the members that make up these communities can be engaged in the act of cycling uneaten food back into healthy soils that are used to grow more food. Healthy soils and healthy food are key to community self-reliance. Now that’s worth being thankful for!

Watch our video below and see how you can join the movement!

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