The Public Good Newsfeed – October 5, 2016: Privatizing Public Parks, Automatic Voter Registration, and more…

A selection of recent news stories with an ILSR insight into “The Public Good.” Stories in this Newsfeed: The Supreme Court Decision That Prevented Real Integration | A Prison Strike Against Slavery | A Gideon for Civil Suits? | Automatic Voter Registration An Idea Whose Time Has Come | Privatizing Public Parks The Supreme Court Decision That Prevented … Read More

Why Voter Photo ID Is Wrongheaded In One Page

This one page flyer from the ACLU cuts to the heart of the issue. For example, “Despite a massive investigation by voter ID proponents, there were only 160 voter eligibility violation cases filed in 2011, and only 140 convictions. All of which were felons voting before they were eligible. 2,700,000 votes were cast in 2010 primary … Read More