Mexican Village Takes Control With Community Cellular Service

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“In Mexico we have a saying: ‘don’t ask to be breastfed!'” laughs local radio presenter, Keyla Ramirez. “We have the satisfaction of no longer having to ask them: ‘Please, come and install a service for which we’re going to pay you’.” One Mexican community is exercising its self-reliance muscle to create its own cell phone network. … Read More

McDonald’s Defeated in Oaxaca, Mexico

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Officials of Oaxaca, Mexico, have turned down an application by McDonald’s to open an outlet in a 500-year-old plaza at the center of town. "There are values that we have to preserve, such as our traditions and culture," city leader Gabino Cue Monteagudo said. A local ordinance allows local officials to reject development projects that endanger the city’s cultural heritage.… Read More

Mexican Communities Fight Costco and McDonald’s

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Residents of Oaxaca, a city in southern Mexico, are handing out free tamales by the thousands in an effort to stop a McDonald’s from opening in a 500-year-old plaza at the center of town. News of the company’s plans surfaced in May. Since then, opponents have been holding rallies with free food to highlight the importance of local cuisine and build opposition to the McDonald’s. … Read More