Your Call: Amazon threatens small businesses and “weakens communities,” says new report

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From KALW‘s Your Call public affairs radio show: “Why is it more important than ever to support local businesses? Amazon’s growing market power is threatening small businesses and ‘weakening communities,’ according to a new study from the Institute for Local Self-Reliance. The study’s findings conclude that Amazon is causing the number of independent merchants to decline sharply, ‘undermining jobs and wages,’ and affecting local tax bases. What difference does it make when we support local businesses?” This conversation features our own researcher Olivia LaVecchia.… Read More

Stacy Mitchell Talks Walmart and the Future of Big-Box Retail on San Francisco’s KALW

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ILSR’s Stacy Mitchell was a guest on Your Call on San Francisco public radio station KALW. She joined host Rose Aguilar and Charles Fishman, author of The Wal-Mart Effect, for an hour-long conversation about how Walmart came to dominate the economy and what local business owners and retail workers are doing to counter its market power.… Read More