Commentary: Local Communities Deserve to Make their Own Choices

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This article was originally published in Port Huron Times-Herald on November 14th, 2017. Recently, a Michigan state lawmaker went viral on the Internet — but for the wrong reasons. Last month, state Rep. Michele Hoitenga filed a bill that would preempt local governments from spending public funds to build community broadband Internet networks. Across the country, high-speed … Read More

Times Editors: Rural Virginia Deserves Better Connectivity

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People who live in rural America have known for a long time that urban areas have better access to Internet services. Recently, however, the issue has become a hot topic of conversation and analysis by policy experts, lawmakers, and the telecommunications industry. In a recent editorial by Virginia’s Roanoke Times, the outlet’s leadership explained why “Third World … Read More

Local Media Covers the Minnesota “Donut Hole” Phenomenon: Video, Editorial

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As Minnesota’s Legislature decides on funding for the state’s Border-to-Border Broadband Development Grant Program, local media is calling on state leaders to prioritize local connectivity in the Capitol Chambers. This year, Governor Dayton’s office is recommending allocating $100 million to the program.… Read More

Local Voices Show Support for Local Connectivity Options

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Our readers have heard the media murmur around municipal networks steadily grow to a loud hum during the past year. An increasing number of local press outlets have taken the opportunity to express their support for municipal networks in recent months. In communities across the U.S. letters to the editor or editorial board opinions reflected the … Read More